What is Backseat Gaming?

Has it ever happened to you that you are driving your car and one of your friends sitting behind or with you, starts poking about your method of driving sense and skills

Has it ever happened to you?

Perhaps, they are not liking the way you drift off or maybe they find that you speed up excessively. What so ever be their reason, they’ll make sure to tell you that they are unhappy with the way you drive. Such critics are called Backseat drivers.

If you’ve been to a park that is public where there were a lot of children enjoying the playground or sliding on the slide you’ll have witnessed mothers criticizing the parenting style of their mothers, saying they’re not performing an adequate job or they’re over-spending their children.

Similarly, there are backseat gamers, who criticize the gaming style of a gamer or the giving reviews about a game. 

What is Backseat Gaming? (In Brief)

Backseat gaming is not gaming actually, well it is quite different from what you think of it.

Backseat gaming can be understood by considering a scenario where a gamer is playing a particular game and some other guy is doing commentary on every single move the player is making, just like cricket commentary. 

Unsimilarly such kind of unwanted advisory-based commentary action, made for an ongoing e-sport game that need not be verbal every time, is known as backseat gaming. 

So in layman’s words, Backseat gaming is when one watches another guy getting engaged in an e-sport and is constantly commenting on every move the player is doing.

But the only difference between cricket commentary and backseat gaming is that the cricket commentary is accepted by players and viewers, whereas the critical remarks passed on by the backseat gamers are not welcomed by the player.   

The comments aren’t always in the form of a verbal. The player in the backseat could look at or gasp each time the player moves or gestures, which could suffice to make the player feel uncomfortable.

How to do Backseat Gaming?

If, this question is arising in your mind that- each and every comment done by anybody taken as backseat gaming?

Well, not entirely true. It totally depends on the player who would really like to take any sort of advice from the critic viewers and if and only if he welcomes or asks for any remarks and views.

Then in that particular scenario, the critical viewer giving remarks to the player can’t be considered as a backseat gamer.  

Only and only when the remarks and advice are unsolicited and not taken by the players, that is when you can consider the critic as a backseat gamer 

Why You Should Avoid Backseat Gaming?

Single reason to avoid gaming in the case of a spectator who is watching a streamer play an event – put down and do not. Let the streamer have fun and if he’s a failure at his game for you to be a bit snobby about his play simply watch another player. Consider yourself in his position Would you prefer someone telling you what you should do during the game instead of doing it your own answers? Perhaps not.

However, we shouldn’t think of backseat gaming as trolling and making “evil” jokes. The biggest streamers, like Quin69 and sodapoppin are regularly being scolded by voice messages However, this is a normal part of the game. The way to criticize their game is typically humorous.


How can I stop backseat gaming?

If you are a streamer on any of the platforms, the most effective method to stop backseat gaming is by removing chat messages or not reading the messages.
This might not be the most effective option, so the alternative is to simply ban those who are in sitting behind you.
It’s recommended to post a notice that backseat gaming is not permitted – either in the stream’s title or in a regular bot message. In addition, it could be beneficial to block particular phrases which you don’t want in your chat panel. 

Why gamers and streamers don’t like backseat gamers?

It’s irritating to players and it ruins gamers’ experience. They’re not the only ones affected but other viewers. A large part of the entertainment is watching streamers make mistakes and discovering things by themselves.

What is backseat gaming?

Simply telling the person you’re watching play the game what they should be doing and when to behave.

How can I deal with backseat Gamers?

1. Never take the request of the regulator, or accept it. Don’t let this win be taken away from them.
2. Don’t offer them advice. Try to imagine yourself in their position.  
3. Avoid appearing stressed.

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