Possible Slim PS5 Model Surfaces on Australian Retail Site Amid Ongoing Speculation

Rumors of a new PS5 model this year have been fueled by the three-year gap between the PS4 and PS4 Pro, suggesting an updated PlayStation new-gen console may be on the horizon. Further indications of an imminent new PS5 model surfaced today on an Australian retail site, where a page seemingly for a slim version of the console appeared, albeit partially.

The page was spotted by Angie and shared on ResetEra, showing electronics retail site The Good Guys preparing a page for an unannounced PS5 variant. The description mentions “the new look, slimmer PlayStation 5,” but lacks photos, feature details, or pricing information for the alternative console version.

While it is wise to approach this with skepticism, as a nearly empty retail page is not definitive proof of a slimmer PS5 in development, the presence of such a description on an online store is peculiar. It is also odd that the listing remains live several hours after its discovery and sharing on ResetEra.

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Speculation about an upcoming PS5 model has circulated for months, with various ideas about its differences from the standard model. The prevailing theory suggests that the new PS5 will be smaller due to the absence of a disc drive. Although a digital-only PS5 has been available since its launch, it is believed that the new model will feature a detachable disc drive sold separately, though it may not be compatible with the standard digital PS5.

Adding to these speculations and a leaked listing alluding to an updated PS5, Sony’s EVP of Platform Experience, Hideaki Nishino, hinted in December that 2023 could be a significant year for the PS5. This comment came in response to a question about whether the three-year gap between the PS4 and its Pro version is relevant for the PS5’s timeline.

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