Is 75Hz Good for Gaming? (Everything Explained)

This is the hotly debated question on the internet these days: which refresh rate for gaming screens is optimal?

When discussing gaming, there are multiple elements that can impact and shape your experience.

If you’re serious about gaming, one of the essential items you’ll need is a high-quality gaming monitor.

With so many specifications and features available, it could be easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Do you require a monitor with 75 Hz or better?

Refresh rate is just one of many features to take into account when selecting a gaming monitor, but it certainly shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Your gaming experience can be greatly influenced by this decision, often making the difference between winning and losing a match.

Measured in Hertz(Hz), the refresh rate indicates how quickly an electronic display changes its images.

A 75Hz refresh rate indicates that a screen will refresh its image 75 times per second.

An increased refresh rate can provide a clearer display and superior photo quality, leading to slower response times and reduced lag when using the device.

Many gaming brands tout their high refresh rate as an advantage. Many gamers believe that your computer’s gaming abilities can outshine any fancy specifications it may boast.

There are certain features that may make gaming more enjoyable than others.

Higher refresh rates are more of a luxury, rather than an absolute requirement, so 75 Hz displays can still deliver great visuals.

Gamers who are new or have the means to afford it should especially take advantage of these offers.

Many beginners don’t even notice the difference when switching from 75 Hz refresh rate to a lower or higher one, making 75-Hz ideal for them.

75-Hz monitors are more affordable than models with higher refresh rates, yet they still offer adequate features.

Refresh rate is another essential element to consider, just like CPU, RAM and Graphics cards – that should always be checked.

Are you trying to determine what frequency is ideal for gaming? Is 75Hz Good Enough? You’re not alone in your confusion – all these specs, such as resolution, refresh rates and response rate can be tricky to determine. Here we will provide answers to your questions.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about 75Hz screens and their differences from frame rate and refresh rate, plus the advantages of increased refresh rates and how they can be compared.

By the end of this article, you should have enough information to decide between 75Hz monitors or other refresh rate frequencies.

Let us start from the very basics and attempt to comprehend this in brief terms.

What is the Refresh Rate?

The refresh that occurs on your screen multiple periods in order to display a different picture on the screen. The refresh rate is the number of times that your monitor refreshes/changes its image or video graphics. The main reason why refresh rate is important is that it affects the graphics on your computer.

Refresh Rate
Source: Intel

The refresh rate increases the faster your monitor refreshes in a second. The result is smoother images. It keeps users from being distracted by screen tearing. This allows users to focus on their gaming or work.

And, as of now, we are discussing the 75Hz refresh rate monitors, which are potent for refreshing 75 images/frames in a single second.

The main purpose of this high refresh rate is to keep the screen up to date and offer you an on-point gaming experience. 

Frame Rates and Refresh Rates (The Difference You Need to Know)

An ordinary problem people have when searching for high-quality monitors is that they confuse the frame rate with the refresh rate.

The major contrast between frame rate and refresh rate is that the framerate is not related to the monitor. Frame rate is determined by the media and software applications that we use, your CPU, and your graphics card. FPS (frames per second) is the unit of frame rate.

Refresh speed is another concept closely tied to your display hardware or monitors. Refresh rate refers to how often an image can be displayed onscreen per second.

Refresh rate, framerate and brightness all play an integral role in determining the quality of your display.

It is unlikely that you will reap the full advantages of a higher refresh rate monitor if your graphics card and processor cannot produce sufficient frame rates.

Overall, 75Hz gaming screens provide an optimal frame rate for console-oriented games.

These monitors are ideal for playing basic games that don’t require an FPS of more than 75.

When playing computer games, you should also take into account the frame rate (FPS).

For first-person shooter games where storytelling is essential, 75 Hz is the ideal setting.

If your GPU and processor are capable of supporting high frame rates, 75 Hz may not be an appropriate option for you.

Gaming with a 75-Hz monitor isn’t recommended for those serious about their hobby. It may cause screen stuttering and may not be ideal for you.

However, certain games require more skill and precision than others.

We’ve tested some of the top titles and they all demonstrated excellent compatibility at 75Hz.

Games and Consoles Suitable for 75Hz

Call of duty is one the other famous games known for giving a good gaming experience to its users at a minimal refresh rate frequency of 60fps, which is almost an above-average frequency on the PC as well as on PS4. 

So, a 75-Hz display rate monitor is quite fine for this game.

Gaming Monitor

But, on the other hand, if you know or be aware of the PS5 which requires a refresh rate of 120Hz to play Call of duty and some other battle games. Thus, a 75Hz refresh rate monitor would not go hand in hand.   

GTA V and Witcher 3 are other single-player, and some casual shooting games that can be run at 75 Hz. However, most hardcore games like CSGO require higher refresh rates.

Well, talking about another old yet still famous game that also requires a minimum of 60Hz refresh rate that can be played swiftly on a 75Hz monitor.

Can also be enjoyed on a PS4 and a PS5 or an Xbox with great ease and swiftness. 

Or else playing on a PC with 120Hz of refresh rate you need more at least 90Hz. 

The most suitable console for 60 to 75Hz monitors is a PS4 with 60 FPS as its output.

For those who endeavor for greater Refresh rates, it would not be required since it performs well even at low refresh rates, like 60 FPS.

The reason behind this is that the majority of games available on PS4 have 60 FPS and more refresh rates will not make a huge contrast.

well, talking about the majority of PS5 games which run at 120 FPS. So 75 Hz might not be sufficient for the PS5 because you aren’t able to utilize numerous options.

But, you might be competent to play in simple games or single-players that don’t require instant reactions.

Advantages of Higher Refresh Rate

Though it’s totally fine to have a monitor with a 75Hz of refresh rate if you are totally into gaming and have esports enthusiasm, then higher refresh rates must be your priority and concern as same as you give concern to the graphics unit.

So, what are the advantages that you get with higher refresh rates?

1. Smooth Scrolling

Smooth scrolling could recreate an essential impact on the way you perceive what’s shown in the display. The more quickly images change and the smoother the screen appears.

75Hz gives a smoother scrolling experience but higher refresh rates like 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz will do wonders to the user as opposed to 60Hz unless you have a more powerful performance GPU. A 60Hz display refreshes the screen 60 times per second, whereas 75Hz displays refresh it at 75 periods every second. This means that scrolling appears more fluid.

2. More Visuals

If it is the case that speed of refresh is very high Users can be able to see many more images. This is because more frames are being shown to them.

We’ve seen many people upgrade between 60Hz and 75Hz. While switching from 60Hz to 75Hz will only give fifteen additional frames for users, however, the changes are definitely evident and not costly in any way.

If, however, you are seeking a major improvement in your experience, think about changing from 60Hz to 144Hz.

3. Better Gaming Experience

If you’re into games that are competitive, then having a greater refresh rate could be extremely rewarding. It provides players with an advantage over those who are playing at a smaller resolution. Because it provides lower input delay, players can react more quickly. A monitor that runs at 75Hz is the best choice for gamers with a tight budget however it is only effective when your FPS score is less than 75.

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