How to Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming?

It’s a typical issue: you’ve been glued to your game for several hours and your hands are getting sweaty. This could make it difficult to hold your console and is likely to affect the game. While there’s no way you can totally stop sweating out, you can find some simple solutions.

Check out our answers to a few of the most asked concerns about sweaty hands when playing.

Well, there are certain steps and procedures that you can follow to avoid the issue of sweaty hands when gaming,

How to Stop My Hands From Sweating When Gaming?

  • You can surely go for a rubber grip enhancement lotion for this issue and to make better the overall griping of your hands while playing games.
  • Pour a few drops of this liquid on your hands and rub them appropriately all over your palm and fingers tips, until it gets properly dried and settled. 
  • This liquid solution that assures you of keeping your hands and fingers dried works quite well and it will definitely help you in reducing the sweating of your hands while you hold your gaming screen or whatever controller you play with. 

Pro tip: Before buying any liquid lotion, go through its ingredients and materials section and find that it must have isopropyl alcohol, silica, xanthan gum, and antiperspirant liquid.

There is also one more homemade D.i.y method that you use, and it is Cleaning your hands using Cornstarch. Wash your hands with soapy water, then dry them well to eliminate dirt, grease, and bacteria.

Rub cornstarch on your palms then uses your hands to rub. Use the cornstarch to work it between your fingers, and you’ll get your hands fully coated. Then, let it sit for 15 minutes so that the cornstarch will dry your hands. Use a clean cloth to remove the cornstarch prior to playing.

This is also quite an amazing homemade and easy method that would help you keep your hands dry while playing intensive games.

There are some more methods of keeping your hands dry (if you are not wanting to use cornstarch), is as using baby powder, but you should prefer going for talc-free products as it is shown in studies that it can cause cancer due to the presence of asbestos. 

The use of writing and athletic chalk is one among many options to stop sweaty hands when gaming, the choice is yours.  

Can I Use Antiperspirant on My Hands to Avoid Sweaty Hands When Gaming?

The antiperspirant spray works wonders when you have the issue of sweaty hands and it actually helps you in keeping the sweat away while intensively playing games. 

So you can surely consider spraying the antiperspirant on your palms before initiating your game, this spray comes into action and starts acting when your hands start oozing out sweat.

The antiperspirant works by blocking up your sweat glands and this immediately indicates your brain and ultimately your sweat glands to stop producing more sweat. 

Protip: If there is any sort of irritation or sense of itching in your palm you can immediately wash away the antiperspirant don’t try to use it again and immediately consult your physician.

You’ve probably heard that aluminum found in antiperspirants is a cause of cancer. However, according to the American Cancer Society notes that there’s no evidence of a connection between aluminum and cancer.

What Is the Use of Gaming Gloves?

  • They’re constructed with the ability to wick moisture away to keep sweat from your fingers. If you feel the palms of the gloves you’ll notice that they’re covered in bumpy dots that allow you to grip the controller.
  • The majority of them have finger grips that run along the fingertips’ pads to allow you to wear them with various gaming platforms.
  • You can also opt for gripping gloves that are being sold and are prepared specially for gymnastic experts and golfers.
  • You can get them directly from gaming stores, and athletic chains, or else you can opt for online options that have variety too. 

What Should I Do When My Hands Get Sweaty When Gaming?

  • Dry them with a clean napkin or cloth. You might find that you’re still sweating at times even after you’ve tried preventative strategies. If you want to get your hands dry make sure you keep a towel close to your gaming area to help you dry your hands whenever they begin to be sweaty.
  • Do this whenever you reach the loading screen. This will prevent your hands from becoming sweaty enough that the controller becomes slippery while holding it.
  • Pause to let you unwind. It’s no surprise that you sweat more when stressed or anxious. These are things you experience constantly while playing! Take frequent breaks.
  • Taking a break for just some time can relieve stress and help you relax and stress out. It is possible to wander around the room or simply get up and stretch.

Can I Put Something on My Console to Avoid Sweaty Hands?

Yes, get a rubber anti-slip controller cover. A lot of them have textured, bumpy surfaces, so your hands will have something to hold onto when you play. To install it simply place the controller cover on the controller and adjust it to ensure that the buttons and sticks don’t get completely blanketed.

Visit your local gaming store or search the internet for these durable shells.

A lot of them come with circular grippy covers that fit the sticks on the controller. Place them on the sticks to ensure your thumbs do not slide off when your hands are sweaty.

Should I Take Botox Injections for Sweaty Hands?

It is possible to get Botox injections for temporary relief of the hand. You’ll need to undergo a medical examination if the doctor diagnoses you as having hyperhidrosis and recommends Botox injections.

The injections will numb your hands prior to injecting Botox on each palm. Botox blocks the nerves of the skin that trigger sweating. The results should last for 6 to 12 months.

But before getting yourself injected with such chemically prepared medicines, don’t forget to consult with your doctor or health physician, as many people have reported issues of muscle weakness. 

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