How to Fix Computer Overheating Problems When Playing Games

Why is my CPU overheating?

Why is my Gaming PC overheating when playing games? 

Are you facing these same problems? Well, here is your solution or answer for this overheating problem.

First, we must understand why this happens.

So our gaming setup has several components which can overheat and cause this

Overheating problems while we are playing PC games or doing any big task such as video editing, photo editing, or running any graphics-related software.

Here, why does it actually happen?

  • Thermal fan issue
  • Outdated CPU
  • GPU overheating issue
  • Motherboard temperature issues
  • Loose wire connection in PC

Here How To Stop a Computer From Overheating When Playing Games?

Fix the Thermal Fan Issue

In most cases, it is normal to feel some heat while you are playing heavy pc games.

But if you are facing this so often and your pc shutdown automatically due to overheating 

You should check on your pc or laptop thermal fans if they are not working properly there will be insufficient airflow which doesn’t allow the hot air to pass out and this will cause overheating in your system. 

You can visit the Service center or can fix it yourself.

For your laptops, you can use an alternative of thermal fans known as cooling pads you can buy both online or offline both.

Sometimes the basic cause of your pc overheating is the overheating of a specific component 

like the CPU or Graphic Card, or sometimes the room temperature is too high for your pc to perform well.

The temperature always plays an important role in boosting your pc performance. If it is good, means normal or cool your pc or laptop will perform well, and be lag-free but if it starts overheating you will face problems like freezing, lagging, and automatic shutdown resets. 

Upgrade the Outdated CPU

In your gaming set-up or gaming laptop, pc there is a small component called a CPU

(central processing unit). CPU is the most important component. It allows you to do any task without it your whole pc is a waste or we can say it is the brain of your computer.

There are so many types of CPU or we can say processor depending on your type of work 

Most the gaming pc or laptops have high power or  more core processor or CPUs  to 

perform heavy tasks and games. 

But if you have a low-grade or less core CPU or processor it will definitely overheat because it is not made for gaming and gaming like heavy tasks which puts more load out of its capacity.

If you have the option to upgrade your processor or CPU you should update it to get rid of heating issues while playing games on your pc.

Fix GPU Overheating Problems

The GPU is the graphics processor on the graphics card. It is also the most important component in our gaming pc set-up or in our laptop it renders and displays the graphics of a game to the monitor. 

The GPU should be around 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) or cooler.

If you have a pc Shutdown your computer and take out the graphic card of your system just clean it with a brush or a blower once it is clean and looking good adjust it near around thermal cooling fans or exhaust fan so that the heat can pass easily. It will reduce your GPU heating problems.

If you have a gaming laptop it is recommended that you go to a technician or a service center for your laptop. because the laptop is a sophisticated system, if you are not a hardware specialist you might disturb something else which can be expensive to you.

Fix Motherboard Temperature Issues

Sometimes there is a problem of overheating in our pc or laptop but we are not able to find the problem because the problem is in the motherboard.

The motherboard is a very sophisticated part of a computer system or a pc or laptop because it contains all the other parts on itself and sometimes a minor problem in the motherboard can lead to overheating issues.

It can be identified by a specialist or technician. And sometimes it’s fixable but sometimes we have to change the whole board.

Fix the Loose Wire Connection in the PC

It usually happens when you buy a pre-build system the builder does it in such a fast way that sometimes he leaves the wire connection loose or just attached . a gaming pc requires high power when the power supply connection is loose it starts losing current which might create some heat as a load. And it sometimes creates a problem of overheating

Best Cooling System or Configuration 

The best cooling setup or system is to have slightly more air being drawn into the case than what is being taken out. 

This will create or cause a slight positive air pressure inside the case.

Some Bonus Tips You Can Try

  • The thermal fans should be installed either along the top or on the upper rear side of the case.
  • It’s the natural way to keep the system cool because of this basic science that hot air always rises. Cool air comes in at the lowest level of the case and exits at the top.
  • Always use larger fans because it is really beneficial for keeping down the noise because they can move larger volumes of air at the lowest RPMs.
  • By using these methods of gaming  PC or system cooling, you will ensure that all the computer components won’t overheat and can contribute to them lasting longer.

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