Are Gaming Laptops Worth it? (7 Reasons to Buy or Avoid)

Years ago, gaming rigs were met with disdain and confusion. Why spend extra money for something called a “gaming laptop” when an e-book with similar features could be had for the same amount? Plus, gaming laptops don’t do a very good job at relieving heat effectively, plus they tend to be bulky in weight and unattractive for some people – further adding fuel to those fires of controversy.

YouTube deserves all the credit for fueling this fire of “Gaming”, which is spreading on social media at an incredible rate. Every kid between 13-17 years of age wants to become a gamer – creating an entirely new culture known as “Gaming Culture”.

Of course, to play games effectively, gamers require a powerful machine. While they could construct their own gaming PC from scratch, the growing demand for portability has given rise to amazing looking yet portable yet powerful machines known as Gaming Laptops.

Gaming laptops have long been considered unattractive, but some have recently emerged from hiding places.

Are you one of those individuals who is considering the cost of an expensive gaming device? Or considering investing in a laptop to satisfy your gaming passion? Don’t despair if the thought of purchasing such an item brings on many questions and doubts.

At first glance, the cost of entry into high-end mobile gaming can seem intimidatingly high if you have never purchased gaming laptops before. But with experience comes great rewards – one can get into this realm for as little as $59.99!

Gaming laptops offer the power of heat resistance and offer the gaming experience once only accessible on consoles or large desktops. But are they worth the money you invest in them?

When investing money into gaming experiences, it’s only natural to be wary. We can assist you with this process so that your investments become successful.

Technology provides numerous advantages, but the ability to play your favorite games from anywhere doesn’t come cheap.

With that in mind, let us investigate this topic further and determine whether gaming laptops are worth it?

We will guide you through the best arguments and facts available online, so that ultimately it’s up to you whether gaming laptops deserve their current reputation as being worth investing in by teenagers, YouTubers, and some gaming enthusiasts.

Over the course of several years, technology has seen many transformations that make gaming laptops more viable than ever (even if the best ones remain somewhat exclusive).

However, current trends indicate that people are taking an interest in gaming rigs – particularly young teens just out of high school.

Let’s begin with the most fundamental question: what exactly is a gaming laptop and what advantages come along with it?

What are Gaming Laptops?

Let’s get started with the fundamentals. Most people believe they have a clue about how a gaming laptop actually is but they really do not. Gaming laptops are different from normal laptops in three aspects that are their specifications, design of the chassis, and price.

What are Gaming Laptops?

Laptops that are standard are employed in homes and offices are basic and focused on the typical user. They are simple in design and have smaller graphics processing power.

However, gaming laptops are specifically designed to handle the demanding video processing demands of games. With more demanding games being created each year, the demands increase, and laptops are required to deal with the demands. They also have powerful dedicated GPUs as well as higher-end CPUs, and generally more powerful hardware configurations.

In terms of chassis, the developers offer these laptops a sexier and more gaming-oriented kind of appearance to differentiate them from other laptops. The design features such as keyboards that have RGB lights in them as well as a robust design, good-looking lines, textures with curves, etc.

Since things on offer are more compared to standard laptops, their price is automatically higher and you should expect the same. 

Now jumping on to our next big question and the reason why you guys came here

Are gaming laptops worth buying?
This question is directly from your own requirements as well as your budget obviously.

Gaming laptops can be well worth purchasing, provided that they’re in line with your gaming needs and requirements. If you want an extremely portable and high-powered gaming experience that’s a bit upgradeable and also the gaming-oriented series of laptops is an excellent option.

If, for instance, you frequently travel it is likely that portability is essential to you. There are different priorities, but so long as you can meet your gaming laptop requirements then it’s worth it. It’s better to go with a console it’s not for only gaming.

Reasons to Consider Buying a Gaming Laptop

1. Easy Usability

If you own a gaming computer or console, you’re tied to your home. This is not the case if you purchase a Gaming laptop.

In comparison to desktops or consoles, These laptops are extremely mobile and easy to transport around. They can be taken to school at a friend’s home and almost everywhere you’d like.

Laptop and console gamers always fighting to beat each other up. While gaming can provide the most intense gameplay experience it’s only used for games. If you’ve several videos to edit or presentations to create it will require an additional computer.

A gaming laptop lets you do both using the same device. There are games to play, complete your college assignments or watch movies, and more. It’s a much better deal.

2. Future Proof & Potent

The gaming laptops come with the most user-oriented as well as powerful specifications that can come is used for both the gamers and non-gamers as well, it can prove out good machine for the ones who do the productive and heavy tasks like video editing, etc.

They’re built to play games that are currently in the news and also those that are still being released. In order to do this, the devices are equipped with future-proof components that are compatible with modern technology for a long time.

This means that if you view the situation from an investment perspective it is a good idea to invest in a laptop that is going to remain functional for a longer time than the standard laptops.

3. Aesthetics

In addition to the top-of-the-line performance, Gaming laptops are known to provide some superior user experience too, with the help of their Amazing Aesthetic look. The high-end build made with premium materials gives you a superior experience using the latest technology available.

Additionally, they possess an exaggerated side too. They have RGB lighting on the keyboards and the customizable lighting enhances the appeal of these laptops which are stunning while you’re in your circle of friends.

Although gaming notebooks can have their advantages, they have some negatives as well.

4. Good Aftermarket Value

Gaming laptops have a higher sale price when compared to standard consoles and laptops when going for 2nd-selling. While you may want to keep your gaming laptop in the future but there are times that require you to sell it.

In such situations, you’ll get an acceptable cost for your laptop because they generally appreciate faster when compared to consoles and PCs.

Due to the actual fact and valid reason of more things on offer in the gaming laptops, the resale and after the market cost of these gaming rigs is much better than the standard ones. 

Should I Consider Buying a Gaming Laptop

Well, After Reading the above-given points you might be very clear in your thoughts and reasons about buying a new gaming laptop. 

We’re pretty sure you are constantly checking your browser for all the gaming laptops and also you might have made up your mind about buying one. 

So, giving this discussion a conclusion, Should you really buy a new gaming laptop, and are they really worth it. 

Well, it totally depends on you but talking about the technicalities, one must consider them as it is the overall best package.

Here are some extra points that you can consider, to clear your view about – are gaming laptops worth it?

  • It’s not only about the graphical output you’re getting it is also the more potent CPU that can help the users to go a long way through for students, gamers, and professionals who don’t like to get stuck. An Xbox is not going to help you in such vivid ways. 
  • There is also an added dimension of versatility that many people overlook initially beyond the dual purpose of having a working and gaming device. In addition, gaming laptops tend to come with ports designed for connecting to external displays, or via a wireless network connection.
  • With wireless keyboards and wireless mice with the correct configuration, you’re not actually missing out on the complete desktop experience.
  • This versatility doesn’t stop with the hardware either. One major benefit to PC gaming over consoles is the fact that you can access numerous fan-made modifications to choose from.
  • Although the cost is generally higher for gaming laptops you will get impressive specs in exchange. Although the CPUs and graphics cards used in gaming systems are typically high-end, they’re an additional aspect of hardware that you should consider in this regard — larger resolution screens.
  • With the exception of lower-end models that use trade-offs to save money, the majority of gaming laptops begin at 1920 x 1080 resolution to provide stunning gaming graphics.
  • In addition to this, you are going to get extra space and speed with the availability of SSD Disks, which adds power to portability.

Well, the discussion can not always stay one-sided. Everything has two sides and now let’s uncover the cons of these gaming laptops and the disadvantages shared commonly by many gaming laptop users.

Reasons to Avoid Gaming Laptop

1. High Price

Gaming laptops are more expensive than gaming consoles and gaming computers with almost identical specifications. This is due to the fact that in laptops, the computer must be constructed to be compact enough to fit into the chassis.

However, gaming PCs are inexpensive. In addition, you can construct (or improve) your gaming computer simply by assembling the proper set of components.

One thing to keep in mind here is that although gaming computers are inexpensive you need to spend more money on a quality keyboard and display.

2. More Thermal Dissipation

Because, these laptops squeeze high-end technology, which consumes a lot of power into less compact chassis (compared to desktops) and, as a result, produces greater heat. This makes it challenging to keep them in your lap due to the heat escaping from the cooling ports.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing one for gaming, be prepared to place it at the desk or purchase another computer cooler pad.

3. Smaller Battery Life

The average battery life that you are going to see in any gaming laptop, is always between 4 to max 6 Hours, given on the box but in actual usage, it doesn’t give out a full backup of 6 hours.

You would have to always let your charger plugin, especially while playing games as it consumes more power than normal usage. So be aware 

As time passes the battery health depletion is seen in most electronic devices whose effect is also seen in these laptops as well.


Why are gaming Laptops so heavy?

This is because components like dual fans, GPUs, SSDs, Big Battery Pack, and other heavy equipment are present in gaming laptops.

Why are gaming laptops Expensive?

Gaming laptops can be expensive due to the fact that they’re equipped with high-end technology, which lets you play games with higher frame rates feasible. Other factors such as specially designed hardware that can be tucked away in an area that is small and the over-zealous fan base that’s willing to pay are also a factor in keeping prices high and growing.

Why do Gaming Laptops produce heat?

Gaming laptops can become extremely hot when playing games. This is normal and it’s not a problem since they’re built to withstand extreme heat. When you play for a long time gaming laptops can be up to 70-80 Degrees of Temperature. This Happens because of the significantly high usage of Graphics cards. 

Should I buy RTX Gaming Laptops?

The RTX series is packed with the top graphics cards on today’s market. The performance of the GPU is worth the price when it is within your budget.
If you have made up your mind about buying a new gaming laptop, you can go and check the list of Best Gaming Laptops to buy in 2022. 

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